About Me

Hello, I am Gazi Taufiq. A UX professional, working with startups and small business to create customer oriented products. I also love typography and soccer.

My Face

I also consult a creative developmet studio called Discrete, where I have to wear many hats. From facilitiating clients meetings to directing the creative processess across different projects, making complex UX decisions, interacting with the marketing and the dev team,.. I manage it all.

As a student I have participated in many local challenges and competitions, and was fortunate enough to win as many as three of them. During my freetime I tought middle schoolers algebra, science, learning techniques and how to code. That was an wonderful experience as I learned to think like them, while trying to understand how they think and what they want. I was able to learn the true value of empathy. Interacting with young minds made me a relisient and resolute towards my own dreams.

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